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Custom orthotics can be truly life-changing to reduce your pain, improve foot functioning, and correct a range of foot conditions over time. At Boca Raton Podiatry, Dennis R. Frisch, DPM, and Jennifer Kazamias, DPM, offer innovative solutions and effective custom orthotics. Discover how orthotics can help with your foot problems. Click the online scheduler or call the Boca Raton, Florida, office to schedule your personal consultation.


What are custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics are medical shoe inserts and specialized footwear created from molds or imaging of your feet. 

Your podiatrist provides imaging and digital measurements to make your custom-molded orthotics and ensure they reduce your foot complications as effectively as possible. Your custom orthotics are designed to suit you and your individual needs. 

Custom orthotics gently reposition and support your arches, heels, ligaments, muscles, tendons, and bones in your feet. 

Your podiatrist offers custom orthotics to relieve your pain and improve foot functioning and comfort. Custom orthotics can:

  • Help prevent bone misalignment
  • Help prevent tendon and ligament fatigue
  • Correct the functioning of your lower extremities, including your ankles, knees, feet, legs, hips, and thighs
  • Support your arches
  • Realign your foot structures 

When you’re wearing custom orthotics and your feet touch the ground, your orthotics gently guide each foot into the correct position to reduce your pain and inflammation.

What conditions can custom orthotics help with?

Your podiatrist might suggest custom orthotics to treat numerous conditions, including:

  • Hammertoes and bunions
  • Arch pain
  • Flat feet
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Corns and calluses
  • Diabetic foot pain 

Your Boca Raton Podiatry specialist takes time to carefully evaluate your condition and discusses the best orthotic choice to meet your needs.

How are custom orthotics made?

If your podiatrist recommends custom orthotics as part of your treatment plan, you begin with a physical exam to get a clearer picture of your foot health and an accurate diagnosis. 

Your podiatrist takes a cast or image of your foot and sends it to a medical lab. A lab technician creates your custom orthotics and returns them to Boca Raton Podiatry. 

Your podiatrist has you try on your custom orthotics in the office to see how they feel and fit and make sure you’re happy with them.

What are the benefits of custom orthotics?

Custom orthotics provide myriad benefits, including padding and protecting your feet. They help prevent complications and treat injuries that are caused by overuse of certain muscles and joints. Additionally, custom orthotics can: 

  • Decrease pain and inflammation
  • Improve the functioning, control, and alignment of your feet
  • Allow your feet to properly heal after a medical problem or injury
  • Improve functionality and comfort for running, walking, and other physical activities
  • Offer durability and comfort and a design that can fit any type of shoe 

Custom orthotics could be the innovative solution you’ve been hoping for to help with your ongoing foot problems. Put your health first and call Boca Raton Podiatry or use the online scheduling system today.