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Ankle and foot injuries can really get in the way of things, and you might not realize how much you move and depend on your foot or ankle until you have an injury. At Boca Raton Podiatry Dennis R. Frisch, DPM, and Jennifer Kazamias, DPM, are dedicated to finding the root cause of your foot and ankle pain and helping you figure out the best course of treatment. The right treatments can relieve your pain, improve functioning, and accelerate and assist your healing and recovery. Call the Boca Raton, Florida, office today or book your appointment online.

Ankle & Foot Injuries

What are some of the most common ankle and foot injuries?

Your ankles and your feet are made up of muscles, ligaments, and bones. Many injuries result in pain and inflammation, such as sprains and strains. Inflammation is one of the leading causes of ankle and foot pain.

Some of the most common ankle and foot injuries include:

  • Sprains
  • Strains
  • Twisting your foot
  • Muscle or joint injuries
  • Dislocations
  • Fractures
  • Achilles tendon injuries
  • Swollen muscles

Arthritis can develop over time following an injury of the foot or ankle.


The stronger ligaments that support your ankle can overstretch and tear. This is called an ankle sprain.

Ankle sprains are fairly common and can happen to people of all ages. Repeated ankle sprains might cause long-term complications such as arthritis, chronic ankle pain, and instability.


An ankle strain refers to a pull, tear, or twist of a muscle or tendon in your ankle. An acute strain happens suddenly, and a chronic strain develops over several days or weeks. You might experience difficulty moving your ankle and feel pain, swelling, cramping, and weakness. 

If you have severe pain and swelling, an open wound or deformity, indications of an infection, or if you can’t put weight on your foot, you should visit Boca Raton Podiatry for prompt evaluation and treatment.

How are ankle or foot injuries treated?

The right treatment for your ankle or foot injury depends on what’s causing it. After obtaining a clear diagnosis, your podiatrist might recommend: 

  • Oral or topical pain relievers
  • Anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving medications
  • Physical therapy and regular, appropriate exercise
  • Optimal nutrition
  • Custom orthotics 

To further ease your foot or ankle pain at home, you can also: 

  • Avoid putting too much weight on your foot or ankle and rest frequently
  • Elevate your foot
  • Use over-the-counter pain medications

You could also use an ice pack and a compression bandage to reduce swelling.

What are the benefits of podiatric care for ankle and foot pain and injuries?

Working with a skilled podiatrist like the ones at Boca Raton Podiatry can help you: 

  • Alleviate your ankle pain and reduce inflammation
  • Obtain valuable medical care, guidance, and support from an ankle and foot expert
  • Determine the root cause of your problem and access effective orthotic devices and other valuable treatments

If you have a foot or ankle injury and you’d like the best possible podiatric care to begin healing and feeling better, call Boca Raton Podiatry or use the online scheduling system.