Take Care of Your Feet

Dr. Frisch gives Men’s Health advice on Athlete’s Foot, Blisters, Corns and Ingrown Toenails.

October 22nd, 2010

Human feet are fairly low maintenance. Unlike, say, the tires on your car, you don’t need to worry about tread life, rotation, or air pressure. Of course, problems do crop up. Ran over a nail? Bad for your feet and your Firestones. We asked a team of podiatrists* to help us identify some of the top five foot ailments and how to fix them.

Ingrown toenail -Treat it: Add two cups of Epsom salts to a gallon of warm water, and soak your foot in it for 10 minutes twice a day to soften the skin and help loosen the nail. Dry and top with antibiotic ointment. Once you can gently pull the softened skin back from the nail, use a pair of disinfected clippers to trim the nail by cutting straight across.

Read the whole article at Men’s Health Magazine

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