• A viral growth
  • Caused by direct contact if skin is compromised (locker rooms, swimming pools, karate classes)
  • May be painful upon standing and with side-to-side compression
  • Capillary buds may exist within the lesion, resulting in a “salt and pepper” appearance
  • If on bottom or “plantar” surface of the foot, it is a “plantar” wart and may develop a callus on top of the wart, making it more difficult to remove

Treatment for Warts

Self-management should not be attempted

Many DPM treatment options are available

  • Warts may sometimes resolve on their own
  • Acids and blistering agents
  • Drying agents (Formalin)
  • Freezing (cryocautery)
  • Electrocautery
  • Surgical excision

Warts are traditionally difficult to eradicate; persistence is important